Mission – Tuscaloosa. AL.

Mission Tuscaloosa/Birmingham. Al.

64 Tornadoes Strike

An outbreak of 64 tornadoes in parts of Alabama on April 27, 2011, killing 254 people in Alabama, 65 of which were listed in Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, one of the hardest hit communities from the tornado. The Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado stayed on the ground for 80 miles and was 1 1/2 miles wide at its widest point, resulting in 1500 injuries and $1.5 trillion in property damage.

On 4/30/11 we joined forces with the Atlanta Alpha Team to help with the recovery part of Tuscaloosa. We stayed one day and searched what used to be a trailer park and along a rail road track.

On 5-4-11 we responded with Wayne Buford and RF1 for another recovery search to Tuscaloosa. RF1 set up a tent and cots for us. Unfortunately RF1 was no longer needed and we transferred to SELA Task Force who were in charge of recovery operations. We met some of the same firemen and women we had served with in New Orleans during Katrina recovery. We were housed in tents and shuttled on the back of pickups to the different search sites. Total devastation and very difficult terrain to cover. We worked for a week and the search was called off as all missing people were accounted for. We were proud to be working with SELA Task Force again and hope that the people of Tuscaloosa will be able to go back to their streets and rebuild.

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