Our Mission

When someone is reported lost or overdue, our volunteer search and rescue / recovery (SAR) dog teams are available to respond, day or night, to help in the search effort.

SAR dogs can find:

  • Children lost in the wilderness, parks or hidden in shrubbery around houses
  • Elderly people who have wandered away from homes and hospitals
  • Hikers and hunters lost in the woods
  • Victims of drowning accidents
  • Victims of earthquake, flood, explosion, fire, train wrecks, plane crashes…
  • Evidence of crime and the recovery of bodies of homicide victims

Our services can only be requested by:

  • An official Law Enforcement or
  • Emergency Management Agency,
  • Department of Natural Resources,
  • US Forest Service,
  • US Park Service,
  • Or other appropriate agencies at local, state or federal level.

Private citizens requesting our services are directed to contact their local Law Enforcement Agency, which will then contact us , if appropriate.

Remember, it is never too early to call in a search dog unit, and there is no charge for our services.

Thank you for visiting our web site! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer as a training victim, please e-mail us directly using the contact link.